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The money to assist our public safety officials is raised through our membership dues of $250 a year and unsolicited donations that individuals and groups supporting our mission endow to the 200 Club. We do not pay any salaries or overhead from member’s dues nor do we use telemarketing fund-raisers. The expenses of operating the club are donated by its members. We are a federal 501(c)(3) volunteer philanthropic tax-deductible organization. Federal T.I.N. 31-1766874

The 200 Club is managed by a volunteer Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. They meet quarterly or on call as needed and determine policy and direction while undertaking the responsibility of stewardship for the 200 Club. Membership in the 200 Club is open to everyone and provides minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.

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The Two Hundred Club has made a major commitment to the local Law Enforcement community insofar as they will come to our aide during our darkest times. Club members and contributors are to be commended for their very tangible dedication to Law Enforcement. We are truly fortunate to have the Two Hundred Club.


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